How do you wear your music? Misbits meets Murmur

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June 10, 2017
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Misbits x Murmur

We came a long way in our relationship with music. We can listen to it in different places, at different times, with different states of mind flowing from our ears to our dancing fingers. But most of all, we love to listen to it on the street, in amazing places that grow around it or from it, or undiscovered locations that will vibrate from their echo. We call them festivals, but there are more than that. A magical place where music becomes an energy, where you discover your favorite beats or new grooves in their primal and purest form.

So, how do you wear your music? With the ears of the fan that knows every lyric? Deeply infused in it while moving the air with your dancing moves? Or silently taking it all in. The festival and the music.  

We know there are a million ways to feel it all and that’s why we have partnered with Misbits in creating a playlist that will transpose you in that place and state of mind until the festival begins. So follow us in a journey that includes vinyls, new releases and a new way to wear your music.

That vinyl touch

Murmur festival is all about beautiful traditions, forgotten rituals and their immersion in modernity. Just what Misbits is all about. The vinyl has become lately the most sought accessory, adored by hipsters and music lovers, but also by young people that can trace its history, emerging atmosphere and connection to music and rhythm. There is just something so special about holding a vinyl, hearing that first sound that brings it to life and then living every beat that emanates from it. We would actually call it the best way to wear your favorite music.

And what better way to enjoy all of them in the middle of nature, or surrounded by a living breathing city. Or citadel in our case. Vinyls are an important part of Murmur and we think it’s about time to bring them back to life, a belief shared by Misbits, our partner in crime. So what is next?

Don’t miss a beat

Festival season hasn’t begun yet, but as every challenge begins, you need some training in order to get into that mood. That’s why Misbits was more than eager to share with us their favorite tracks. We know you will love them. Just have a look:

Petre Inspirescu – Vantul Prin Salcii (2X12 Inch Lp)


Fumiya Tanaka - Beautiful Days


Yaroslav Lenzyak – Inertia

Audiotheque - Nevermind

Ahu - Sad Eyes

Probablistic - Paradigm

Ak41 - Swingenious

Andu Simion - Atipic

Shai Spooner & Jordan Dessar – Entity 002

Cecil Lyde – Stone Free

So how do you wear your music?

We hope we have inspired you with the amazing tracks powered by Misbits. Just go out there and find your way of listening to music, discover amazing tracks, taste that vinyl sound and enjoy festivals that are created for music and music lovers. Hope to see you at Murmur Festival. May the music always be with you.

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